1 flop heroine became google head, said good boy to bollywood, luck changed again

mayuri kango

At the age of 15, the actress entered Bollywood. When she entered Bollywood, her looks were praised a lot and her eyes were compared to Aishwarya’s eyes. She did films, but after a time she became a struggling actress of Bollywood. One of his songs ‘Ghar Se Nikalte Hi’ became very famous. You must have understood which actress we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about Mayuri Congo.

An actress of the 90s, who was seen in films like ‘Naseeb’, ‘Betaabi’, ‘Hogi Pyar Ki Jeet’. Mayuri Kango, who appeared in ‘Papa Kehte Hain’, proved to be a flop heroine. We will tell you how the actress who became famous as soon as she arrived, became a struggler. How did the actress who became a struggler become the industry head of Google India?

Got acting as a gift from mother
After doing a few films with Mayuri Kango, she realized that she would not be able to earn a coin in Bollywood. That’s why he did not delay in saying good boy to Bollywood and changed his field. Mayuri grew up in Aurangabad. His mother Sujata was a theater artist. That’s why acting was not difficult for Mayuri. When a child actor was needed in the theatre, Mayuri used to play that role.

Such was the entry in Bollywood at the age of 15
Mayuri Kango was very good at studies and since childhood she had only one dream that she has to get a good job in corporate after studying. At the age of 15, when Mayuri’s exams were about to come. Some time ago Mayuri came to Mumbai with her mother, her mother had some play. That’s why the daughter also came with the mother. Meanwhile, director Saeed Akhtar Mirza, who was a friend of Mayuri’s mother, saw Mayuri while he was making a film on the demolition of Babri Masjid. An important character was given to Mayuri for this film. At first, Mayuri refused for this role, because her exams were on her head, but when her mother insisted her, Mayuri shot for this film. This film became a National Award film and the name of this film was ‘Naseem’.

Had proved himself with ‘Naseem’
Mayuri played the character of ‘Naseem’ in this film. Mayuri proved from her first film that she is a capable actress. After this film, Mayuri again returned to Aurangabad and gave her 12th examination and started preparing for IIT exams.

Mahesh Bhatt gave a chance
During this, once again Mayur got a call from a director from Mumbai. He is the director who has given opportunities to many newcomers. This call was from Mahesh Bhatt. He offered a film to Mayuri and Mayuri could not refuse that film and she again entered the film once again with ‘Papa Kehte Hain’.

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Mayuri said ditch
There came a time when he had a lot of projects. But one after the other all the projects were getting closed. The 16 films she had signed could not be made. It was from here that he came to know a new reality of the industry that entry in the industry is very easy in Bollywood, you have done a good job, you have also been praised. But despite that you will have to ask for work by marketing yourself and Mayuri was defeated.

Also worked in South films
During that time a trend had become that if you are not getting work in Bollywood then go to South. However, Mayuri tried to woo people by going to the South as well. But he did not get success there. A song of Lata Mangeshkar came then ‘Pyoji Maine Ram Ratan Dhan Payo’, in this song Kim Sharma was seen with Mayuri Kango, this song became quite popular then.

Thoughtfully left the world of Bollywood
When Mayuri did not get work properly in the film industry, she started doing other things. He started writing and also tried in TV. She worked in TV serials like Kahin Kisi Roz, Dollar Bahu, Karishma. This was the time when Mayuri thought and thought and decided that she no longer wanted to work in this industry.

Changed himself in US and then returned to India
She married an NRI named Aditya Dhillon. US shifted after marriage. After reaching the US, Mayuri started searching for herself. She again started from the same place, which she had left i.e. studies. He went to the US and did MBA, did a marketing course and did his first job in the US itself. He got his first job as a marketing media executive, after which his hard work slowly paid off. She became a mother in 2012 and settled back in India.

again in headlines in 2019
During this, he worked in many MNC companies. Finally in 2019 people started talking about that lost actress. The headlines were made when Mayuri Congo became the head of Google India.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 02, 2023, 12:47 IST

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