14th NASO Day is being celebrated today

14th NASO Day

Nepal Astronomical Society (NASO) is an organization of highly motivated people in Nepal and abroad.

Its main aim is to create a strong scientific community within the country and provide a common platform for all astronomy enthusiastic.

It promotes science and technology in the country via its outreach, education, and research activities on astronomy and space science in Nepal.

NASO’s programs are designed to address a child at elementary school to a researcher at the university level in order to foster scientific temper in our society.


Conducting public awareness activities related to astronomy and space science in Nepal, with the campaign to create an environment for study and research in the Astronomy field.

The journey of the Nepal Astronomical Society, which started in 2064 BS (2007 AD), is entering fourteen years by completing various ups and downs.

NASO is celebrating 14th NASO Day today by Conducting Virtual NASO Day Webinar.

Along with the experience gained from past experiences, with the help and support of the people, NASO is further strengthening its effort to create a separate identity on the world map of Nepal and Nepalis.