92 percent Paddy sowing has been completed in Chitwan

92 percent sowing in Chitwan

92 percent of paddy has been planted in the district so far. Out of the seven local levels, 10 percent remains to be planted in Bharatpur Metropolitan City and 5 percent in Madi Municipality.

According to the Agriculture Knowledge Center Bharatpur, all the seedlings have been planted in Rapti, Khairhani Ratnanagar, Kalika Municipality, and Ichchakamana Village Municipality.

According to Rajan Dhakal, head of the knowledge center, out of the seven local levels of the district, the cultivable land of Bharatpur metropolis covers about half of the area.

Although sowing has been completed in other places of Bharatpur, the planting has been delayed in the western region due to delays in the sowing of maize and paddy seeds. 

In East Chitwan, sowing is started by planting kharif paddy immediately after Chaite paddy. 

He informed that it is customary to plant paddy soon as vegetables are planted after paddy.

The center estimates that it will be planted by the second week of July. He said that the sowing was done earlier this year as there was no shortage of fertilizer seeds due to early rains this year. 

Last year, paddy was sown till the end of August.

The knowledge center has learned that 72.7 percent of the cultivable land has been irrigated easily throughout the year and seasonally. 

Last year, paddy was planted in an area of ​​27,445 hectares. 

The productivity of Chaite paddy is 4.2 million metric tons per hectare and 3.52 million per year.