AR Rahman’s son Amin survived the accident, even after 3 days the singer is in shock

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Delhi: AR Amin, son of music composer and singer AR Rahman, narrowly escaped being a victim of a horrific accident three days back. This incident still puts him in shock. Amin told in a social media post that the accident happened on the set where music was playing. In the post, Amin said that while he was performing, chandeliers, lights and other things fell from above. He further told that there is no harm to him and he is completely fine, but he is shocked by this incident.

He thanked God for keeping himself safe. Amin wrote, ‘I am grateful to the Almighty, my parents, family, well-wishers and my spiritual guru that I am safe and alive today. Amin wrote, ‘Just three nights ago I was shooting a song and I was sure that the team has taken care of the engineering and safety, while I was focusing on the performance in front of the camera.

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Amin writes at the end of the post, ‘The whole truss and chandelier fell due to the collision of a crane, while I was right in the middle at that time. If I had moved a few inches here and there, the whole rig would have come crashing down on our heads a few seconds sooner or later. My team and I are in shock and are unable to recover from it. AR Amin is a playback singer and made his debut in the Tamil film ‘O Kadhal Kanmani’. He has sung songs in many films now and then.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 06, 2023, 00:55 IST

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