Rai to resign, Bhim Acharya to auth as new Chief Minister

Bhim Acharya

UML is also preparing to change the Chief Minister of State-1 to balance the power after the party split.

Bhim Acharya to auth as new Chief Minister

For this, Chairman Oli is preparing to make Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai resign and make Bhim Acharya Chief Minister. Acharya Madhav Nepal is the leader who started the new party.

At Oli’s request, Rai is about to resign from the post of parliamentary party leader and chief minister of state-1 today, according to a source close to him.

After the split of the party, the people’s representatives at the central and local levels have been given 21 days to choose the party. UML has called a meeting of the party to change the leader of the parliamentary party as soon as the division is authorized.

Minister for Internal Affairs and Law Hikmat Kumar Karki informed that the meeting of the UML parliamentary party in State-1 was also preparing to take action against the lawmakers belonging to the Madhav group.

The state needs 47 MPs to become the chief minister. One of the 51 UML speakers is the speaker while one MP is absconding after being charged with criminal offenses.

According to CPN-Unified Socialist leader Rajendra Rai, the new party has 15 MPs. In-State 1, eight MPs have chosen a new party. The UML chief minister is not likely to get a vote of confidence.