Blockbuster Movie: The film made at a cost of only 60 lakhs, created a buzz at the box office, Swara Bhaskar became the star

swara bhaskar chillar party

Mumbai. In the year 2011, a film was released on the 8th of July. Released with a star cast of children and a strong and emerging actress like Swara Bhaskar, this film turned the minds of many people. People liked this children’s film so much that it rocked the box office. Made at a cost of just Rs 60 lakh, the film’s success was such that it became one of the best films of the 2010s.

The film revolving around an army of children and their lives was a super hit. The film earned a total of Rs 10 crore. This film not only wrote a new story of success but also turned the minds of many film pundits. Directed by Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari, this film was also successful in winning the National Award in the Children’s category. This film was produced by Salman Khan. Many stars including Irrfan Khan and Swara Bhaskar were present in the film.

The film became a hit on the very first day
Even before the release of the film Chillar Party, people liked it a lot at the premiere. Salman Khan’s heart also fell on this film. Salman decided to be a part of the film and produced the film himself. The film was released on 325 screens across the country. On the very first day, the film had earned Rs 60 lakh. The film became a hit on the very first day of its release. After this the film continued to run. The world wide earnings of the film had reached above 10 crores. Along with this, the audience applauded a lot on the chemistry of the children in this film.

Swara Bhaskar became a star overnight
Talking about the big stars in this film, Swara Bhaskar played an important role in this film along with Irrfan Khan. Swara Bhaskar became a star overnight after doing this film. Although Swara Bhaskar Tanu Weds Manu was released before Chillar Party. Swara Bhaskar had got a lot of fame in this film of Vikas Wahal. But after the release of Chillar Party, Swara Bhaskar became a star overnight. This film proved to be a milestone for Swara Bhaskar in the early days of her career.

FIRST PUBLISHED : March 05, 2023, 18:57 IST

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