BP Koirala: 108th birth anniversary marked today

BP Koirala

The 108th birthday of BP Koirala, Nepal’s first people-elected prime minister, is being commemorated today with a variety of events across the country.

Koirala, who was born on Bhadra 24 in 1971BS, had fought hard for Nepal’s democracy to be established and restored.

In 2003BS, he founded the Nepali Congress party in opposition to the dictatorial Rana regime and maintained the movement with the help of numerous leaders, notably Subarna Shumsher, leading to the advent of democracy. Even while in exile in India, they fought against the Rana administration.

Following the emergence of democracy in 2007BS, BP Koirala was appointed Home Minister by Mohan Shumsher JB Rana’s cabinet. After the 2015 general election, Koirala was chosen as the first people’s representative and went on to become Prime Minister.

BP Koirala

He has always been at the forefront of democratic politics for nationality, democracy, and socialism. He received a lot of praise for the land reform program he started. However, the King deposed Koirala’s government on Poush 1 in 2017BS.

He was first imprisoned in Singh Durbar and then transferred to Sundarijal. Koirala was released in 2025 BS for a health checkup, but he spent the next eight years in exile. In 2033BS, he returned to Nepal with a policy of “national unity and healing.”

In Nepali politics, the reconciliation policy is still relevant. In Nepali literature, BP Koirala is also a major figure. To commemorate BP’s birth anniversary, a number of events are being held across the country. Following COVID-19, the programs will be held using a health protocol and even in a virtual format.