Buddha bhumi hydropower IPO worth Rs. 80 million shares

Buddha bhumi hydropower IPO

From September 27, Buddha bhumi Nepal Hydropower will issue 800,000 shares worth Rs. 80 million to general investors. Buddha bhumi hydropower IPO

The company recently gave four lakh shares to Nuwakot residents affected by the project and is about to offer 800,000 shares to the general public in the second round. The initial public offerings (IPOs) have a face value of Rs 100 per share.

According to the corporation, 5% or 40,000 shares will be allotted to collective investment funds, 2% or 16,000 shares will be awarded to employees, and the remaining 744,000 shares will be issued to the general public.

According to firm sources, interested candidates have four days from the date of the shares’ opening to apply, i.e. until September 27 at the earliest and September 15 at the latest.

A minimum of 10 lots and a maximum of 50,000 lots will be available to investors.

Buddha bhumi hydropower IPO