Constitution Day of Nepal is being celebrated today

Constitution Day of Nepal

Constitution Day is being celebrated across the country on Sunday with various programs in remembrance of the constitution drafted by the Nepali people through their representatives through the Constituent Assembly.

The current constitution of Nepal, written with the aim of establishing socialism with the economic, social, and cultural rights of the people, is unique and different from the past.

The peace agreement between the then seven political parties and the rebel CPN (Maoist), the Interim Constitution, the Constituent Assembly elections, and the constitution issued through the people’s representatives have been interdependent.

The Constitution of Nepal has been establishing a federal democratic republic and making it prosperous while providing services to the citizens easily and simply at the local level. It has also adopted a new political system through seven provinces, 753 local levels, and the federal government.

Constitution Day has been celebrated every year to commemorate the day of promulgation of the new constitution. This time the seventh constitution day is being celebrated. As per the decision of the government, Diwali is being celebrated as a national day on September 19 at the Nepalese embassies and missions in Nepal and abroad. The main function committee has been formed under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister to celebrate National Day. A special function has been organized at Sainik Manch Tundikhel on Sunday on the occasion of the day.

The present government has addressed the legal and policy issues required for the implementation of the constitution and is taking necessary initiatives and efforts for the implementation of federalism.

Constitution Day of Nepal

Constitution Day of Nepal

The Publicity Sub-Committee under the Main Ceremony Committee had earlier urged the government, community, and private sector media for wide publicity of the day. A meeting chaired by Dr. Baikuntha Aryal, Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and Coordinator of the Publicity Sub-Committee, had decided to request various media outlets to display the national flag of Nepal in their homes on Constitution Day. According to the same decision, Constitution Day is being celebrated in the homes of Nepalis with special joy.

The Constitution Day greeting message or SMS has been widely sent through Nepal Telecom and the message has been broadcast on the display board. Special dialogues, seminars, and other public awareness programs have been aired and published focusing on the constitution of Nepal. Constitution special souvenirs have been published in national-level newspapers.

Various articles highlighting the multifaceted dimensions of the constitution, a collection of essays, news, articles, interviews, programs, etc. on the importance of the constitution have been broadcast and published by the National News Committee, Nepal Television, Radio Nepal, and Gorkhapatra Sansthan.

The metropolis, sub-metropolis, municipality, and village have coordinated to put good wishes on the display boards in Kathmandu Valley and outside. The program will be telecast live on Nepal Television and Radio Nepal.