Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the highest-earning footballer

Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal’s football star Cristiano Ronaldo has become the highest-earning footballer.

Ronaldo tops Forbes list of highest-earning footballers, surpassing Argentine star Lionel Messi

He came to Manchester United with a large amount of money, so it was easy to secure first place. In the 2021-22 season, Ronaldo will earn 125 million excluding taxes. Of this, 70 million comes from his salary and bonus.

55 million from business agreements. Ronaldo is the highest-paid player in terms of sponsorship.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Only three players in the overall playing field earn more professionally than Ronaldo. Roger Federer made 90 million, while LeBron James made 65 million. Similarly, Tiger Woods earns 60 million dollars.

Messi is second on the list of highest-earning footballers. His annual income, excluding taxes, is 110 million.

The third on the list is Neymar and the fourth is Kelian Embappe. Three of the four highest-earning footballers are affiliated with the French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The top 10 highest-paid footballers in the world this season are expected to earn 585 million without taxes. That was 570 million last season.