Debina-Gurmeet’s daughter Liana got ‘evil eye’, scratch marks found on her body, actress upset

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Mumbai: Debina Bonnerjee Daughter, wife of TV actress and actor Gurmeet Choudhary, is busy giving time to her personal life these days. He has been away from TV for some time, but his activity on social media remains constant. Debina is constantly connected with her fans. Debina also shares glimpses of her life with fans through her blogs on YouTube, but this time she suddenly started crying while talking to the fans. Not only this, Debina was also seen here asking her fans to pray for her daughter Lianna Choudhary.

During this, Debina looked troubled by the scratch marks on her daughter’s body. In the video, the actress talks to the fans about the scratch marks visible on her daughter’s body and she said that maybe her daughter has got an eye. In her vlog, the actress talks about the scratches seen on daughter Liana’s body and becomes emotional. During this, she got so upset that she started crying while talking about it.

This vlog was about the birthday celebration of Gurmeet Chowdhary. The vlog started with Gurmeet’s birthday celebration. Both went to see Siddhivinayak with their daughters. After this, Debina talks about motherhood and also talks about the difficult phase related to it. She says- ‘Motherhood is not easy, I only show happy moments. Because, when I am sad, upset, at that time I do not remember to take out the camera and record these things.

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After this Debina tells that Liana has been crying a lot since morning. There are scratch marks on both his hands. It looks like someone has nailed it. Debina says- ‘I do not feel good seeing this. I don’t understand anything, but my mother says that maybe Pinu has got an eye. I don’t trust all these things, but when it comes to children, you have to trust. Debina starts crying as soon as she says this and asks the fans to pray for her daughters. Along with this, Debina also says that Liana is not ill, but she is behaving as if she is ill.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 02, 2023, 09:58 IST

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