Deeply in love with Hema Malini, had an affair with Meena Kumari too! Dream girl got shocked by famous actor’s proposal

Raaj Kumar affair with Hema Malini And Meena Kumari

New Delhi. Actor Rajkumar (Raaj Kumar), who ruled Bollywood for 4 decades, shared the screen with many veteran actresses, but his pairing with actress Meena Kumari was very much liked. Whenever this pair appeared on the screen, people gave them a lot of love and their films proved to be big hits. Apart from on screen, this pair off screen was also very much liked. Along with this, it is also said that Rajkumar had given his heart to veteran actress Hema Malini. He started loving her deeply.

Please tell that in the 60s-70s, Rajkumar did many films with Hema Malini and Meena Kumari. In those days, Rajkumar’s pairing with both the actresses was a hit. Both these pairs had done many films together. Those days where Meena Kumari was the demanding and highly paid actress of Bollywood. At the same time, Rajkumar also used to be the first choice of directors because of his acting and powerful voice. While the era of Hema Hema Malini was starting.

Got the role at the behest of Rajkumar
The story we are going to tell you today is very old. According to media reports, Hema Malini was given a role instead of Vyjayanthimala in the film ‘Lal Patthar’ at the behest of Rajkumar. Rajkumar was in the lead role in the film. It is said that when the talk of making this film was going on, Rajkumar Hema became convinced after seeing the beauty of Malini. And that’s why he put a condition to work with ‘Lal Patthar’ Hema instead of Vyjayanthimala.

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Proposed and got the answer
If media speculation is to be believed, when the shooting of ‘Lal Patthar’ of the film started, his squabbles with Hema increased a bit in connection with the film. Both had become quite friendly. In such a situation, once after finishing the shooting, Rajkumar told Hema Malini the words of his heart. Although Hema Malini was a little surprised to hear his words because Rajkumar was her senior. In such a situation, she used to give him a lot of respect. Although Hema was very happy after receiving the proposal of love from her senior’s mouth, but she politely refused his proposal and said that she does not think anything like this. According to reports, Hema Malini said that I like you but do not love her. Rajkumar was a little surprised by Hema Malini’s words but he did not regret it.

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Name was also associated with Meena Kumari
Let us tell you that before proposing Hema Malini, Rajkumar fell in love with Meena Kumari. It is said that when Meena Kumari was working with Rajkumar in the film ‘Pakeezah’ in the year 1972, while working on the set of the film, Rakumar used to forget his dialogue. He just kept staring at Meena. While Meena Kumari was married. She was married to director Kamal Amrohi. The film Pakija is made under the direction of Kamal Amrohi.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 04, 2023, 16:41 IST

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