Dina Pathak’s husband used to sew clothes for 2 superstars, worked in 120 films in 60 years, daughters rule hearts

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There were many such actors and actresses in Bollywood, who left an impression of their performance on the hearts of people in such a way that even after years, people have not been able to forget them. In the past, there was an actress who worked till the age of 60 and made people crazy by showing her acting magic in 120 films. There are very few such characters in Bollywood, who did not get the lead role, but even after that they left no stone unturned to woo the people. Today we will talk about Dina Pathak who used to pull everyone towards her with her white hair and cute style of speaking.

Today is the birth anniversary of Dina Pathak. Had she been alive today, she would have been celebrating her 101st birthday (101st birth anniversary of Dina Pathak). Dina may not be in the world but her life, her work, struggle teaches a lot to the generations to come. Dina, born on March 4, 1922, is an example of simple living and high thinking.

acted till the age of 60
Dina started acting from a very young age. She took acting classes from Rashikala Parekh and joined the Indian National Theatre. The actress made people aware through acting against the British in Bhavani theatre. Which was a Gujarati theatre. The actress started her career in Gujarati films in 1948 with the film ‘Kariavar’. Worked in four films in the 1960s, out of which films like ‘Satyakam’, ‘Saat Hindustani’, ‘The Guru’ are included. Dina, who worked in films-theatre continuously for 60 years, was last seen in the film ‘Pinjar’. Dina, who worked in about 120 films, stepped on the stage of acting when it was not considered good for women, but she did not care and became a Gujarati theater artist.

When Dina performed in front of the President
Dina Pathak had broken all the social taboos. The well-known artist of Gujarati theater was also an activist and was also the National President of the National Federation of Indian Women. For the first time in the year 1957, Dina performed in front of the country’s President Rajendra Prasad at Rashtrapati Bhavan, after which she became the first Gujarati to receive this honour.

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Dina’s heart was beating for the tailor
The surprising thing is that Dina’s heart fell on a tailor who sews clothes. Baldev Pathak was a tailor, whom Dina had chosen as her life partner. The husband of the actress used to stitch clothes near the Gateway of India. The special thing about Baldev Pathak was that he used to stitch clothes for Bollywood superstars like Rajesh Khanna and Dilip Kumar. It is said that even Rajesh Khanna wore Baldev Pathak’s designed kurta in the film ‘Guru’. Baldev Pathak said goodbye to the world at the age of 52.

Both daughters of Dina are actresses.
Dina and Baldev had two daughters, who are well-known faces of Bollywood today. Dina’s elder daughter Ratna Pathak Shah and younger daughter Supriya Pathak. Both have done many films in Bollywood. Whereas, Ratna Pathak is the wife of well-known Bollywood artist Naseeruddin Shah, while Supriya Pathak is the wife of Pankaj Kapoor.

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