Fatema Sumar, MCC Vice President arriving in Nepal today

Fatema Sumar arriving today

Fatema Sumar, vice president of the US Agency for International Development (MCC) Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), is coming to Nepal.

She will arrive in Nepal on Thursday morning via Qatar to understand the annual implementation status of the countries where the MCC project has been implemented.

The visit, which is taking place at a time when Nepal is debating whether to accept the MCC project, is being watched with interest.

During his four-day stay in Nepal, Vice President Sumar will hold talks with various parties on the status of MCC project implementation, sources said. He is scheduled to meet Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma and other top leaders of various political parties.

The MCC project, which is expected to be implemented in 2019, has not been able to move forward due to political tensions in Nepal. Recently, the MCC has sent a reply to the points that Nepal has been trying to clarify.