Floods in half a dozen rivers of Mahottari

floods in rivers of Mahottari

More than half a dozen rivers in the district have been flooded due to torrential rains in Mahottari for the past two days. 

According to the locals, the rivers including Rato, Bighi, Jangha, Ankushi, Bhabsi, Geruki, Kutameshwari, Dholan, and Marhal have been flooded since Wednesday morning. 

According to the locals, all the rivers in the district have been flooded due to incessant rains. Residents of more than two dozen villages along the river in the district have become panic-stricken after the floods in the river. 

They are engaged in taking precautions against possible damage during floods.

Considering the fact that most parts of Mahottari are inundated during the rainy season and the floods are displacing hundreds of locals, the locals have started looking for security measures after seeing the floods in the river.

It is said that various responsible bodies including the District Administration Office and the security agencies (District Disaster Relief Committee) have been on high alert due to the news of floods in various rivers.