Locals are angry after frequent power cuts in Belbari

Power cuts in Belbari

Locals have become angry after irregular power cuts started in Belbari and surrounding areas in the last few weeks. 

Due to the extreme heat and irregular power cuts that have been increasing for a few days, the locals have become accustomed.

The power supply was cut off without any notice from Saturday afternoon. Due to the extreme heat, the locals got furious & also did not get Electricity even after waiting for power during the day and night. The Electricity came only at around 1 pm. Even then, the line was not regular. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Belbari Distribution Center has issued a notice saying that there will be a power outage from 5 am to 8 am on Monday and Tuesday. It’s okay to have time for repairs, but power outages at any time have become a local achievement in the summer.

Locals complain that the problem is exacerbated by the fact that the distribution center does not provide information at all times and does not even pick up the telephone. The service recipients have been disturbed due to some irregular power cuts. Meanwhile, the Sundaraharaicha CPN (S) has drawn attention at the Nepal Electricity Authority’s Belbari distribution center.

The CPN (S) on Sunday drew the attention of the NEA office saying that the life of the people was difficult as the lights were cut off during the scorching heat. Chairman of the CPN-9S Sundaraharaicha, Mahesh Acharya, said that the NEA has drawn the attention of the NEA saying that the irregular power cut has affected the business and industries as well as the lives of the people.