‘Ghajnavi’ will be released nationwide on March 3, Sanoj Mishra’s film is full of suspense-thriller


New Delhi. Sanoj Mishra, who has made his mark as a famous writer and director in the film industry, has always believed in making films that convey messages along with entertaining films for the people. Sanoj Mishra, while playing a long innings in the film industry, has now ventured into the field of film production as well. His first film as a producer ‘Ghajnavi’ is all set to release on March 3 in around 400 theaters across the country. Along with producing this film, he has also directed this film.

Sanoj Mishra believes that ‘Ghajnavi’ is such a suspense thriller film, which will be very much liked by those who are interested in watching such films, because along with suspense-thriller it is also a spicy and entertaining film. He says that the subject of this film is also very unique and every scene, every frame of the film will keep the audience completely hooked.

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The film has been shot in various areas of Gujarat apart from Mumbai, Lucknow. The shooting of this film had its own challenges as the film was shot in the summer months, which was not an easy task for the entire cast and crew to deal with. Sanoj Mishra says that many people fell ill during the shooting of the film, but everyone cooperated fully and contributed fully to make a good film.

In this film, well-known actors like Rajveer Singh, Heramb Tripathi, Tanya Mishra, Aditya Roy, Deepak Sootha, Anil Anjunil, Dr. Ramendra Chakraborty, Aarti Yadav, RK Singh, Guddu Singh Kushwaha will be seen in the lead roles. In this film, not only actors associated with film and TV have been taken, but many actors active in Hindi theater will also be seen playing important roles in this film. The presenters of the film ‘Ghajnavi’ are Tapas Mukherjee, Prabir Dutta and Adhir Dutta.

Sanoj Mishra says, ‘I have always believed in giving opportunities to new talents and I have done the same in the film ‘Ghajnavi’. The biggest advantage of working with new artists is that I can mold those artists in my mold and make my own kind of cinema. I have got the benefit of this thing in ‘Ghajnavi’ as well.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 02, 2023, 21:23 IST

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