Helen’s assistant who became an actor, dance became his signature step, who challenged Amitabh Bachchan

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Mumbai. You must often remember the latke-jhatkas and thumkas of the actresses. But there is also an actor in Bollywood whose ‘swag’ of dance cannot be forgotten. This dance gave the actor the title of ‘Disco Dancer’. You are absolutely right… We are talking about an actor who first dominated films and then TV on the strength of his strong personality, but perhaps you would not know that this actor used to be a Naxalite before coming to Bollywood. Were. During his graduation in college, he came in contact with such a group. Who forced them to become Naxalites. However, later due to an accident in the family, he returned to the abnormal world. We are talking about Bollywood’s ‘Disco Dancer’ i.e. Mithun Chakraborty. Today we tell you that we will introduce you to some special aspects of ‘Dada’s’ life.

Mithun Chakraborty is the name of Bollywood, who made people crazy with his dance in the 80-90s. Who won the National Award on the basis of his first film, who challenged Amitabh Bachchan, the megastar of the century, with his acting, dance and dialogue delivery. But do you know that before coming to films, he used to have a Naxalite ideology and used to work with one of his groups.

Naxalite group joined after graduation
‘Dada’ was born on 16 June 1950 in Kolkata. The family named him ‘Gaurang’. But time passed and he changed his name. Mithun completed his graduation in Chemistry and during this time he came in contact with some Naxalite youths. After graduation, he also joined the Naxalite group. They felt that the government was not able to do its work properly. Because of this, he became a part of the Naxalite group and took part in their activities for a long time.

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Mithun Chakraborty has done more than 350 films in his entire career, out of which he played the lead role in 268 films. Out of these, only 58 films were successful at the box office. photo credit- video grab

Accident changed life, became ‘Disco Dancer’
Mithun’s only brother died due to electrocution. What was it then, his whole life changed and he decided to give all his time to the family. He left the Naxalite group and started taking care of the family. Although during this time he was also in danger of his life from the Naxalite group, but he never gave importance to his life in front of the family. After this, the time has come for Mithun’s entry in Bollywood.

When became Helen’s assistant
After returning home, Mithun’s interest shifted towards Hindi cinema. He did an acting course from Pune Television and Film Institute and after that reached Mumbai to make a career. But show them very bad days in Mumbai Mayanagari. The situation had become such that Mithun could not even get bread for two times for many days. He used to roam from one set to another, then suddenly he got a chance to become an assistant to actress Helen. He used to go on the sets of many films with Helen, after which he started getting small roles in some films. He also got a small role in the film ‘Do Anjaane’, which hardly anyone would remember.

mithun chakraborty Also Worked in Bhojpuri Film

In the decade of 80-90, Mithun Chakraborty made a lot of noise in the Hindi cinema world by becoming a ‘disco dancer’. photo credit- video grab

That’s why the name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records
It is said that those who try never get defeated and this thing fits perfectly on Gemini. He performed brilliantly in Mithun’s debut film ‘Mrigaya’ and was awarded the National Film Award only after his debut film. But he was yet to shine in the Bollywood sky and his real time to shine came in the year 1982, when he got the film ‘Disco Dancer’. Just after this film, Mithun started being called Disco Dancer of Bollywood. A thumka from ‘Disco Dancer’ became Mithun’s signature step. Mithun Chakraborty’s 19 films were released one after the other, for which his name has been kept in the Guinness Book of World Records till date. Also, he acted as the lead hero in 249 films, which is another record.

Mithun remained in discussion due to affair with Sridevi
Mithun first married Helena Luke in the year 1979. Which lasted only 4 months. After this he married Yogita Bali. Yogita and Mithun have four children, three sons and one daughter. According to media reports, Mithun had an affair with Sridevi as well. Had an affair from 1986 to 1987. But when Sridevi came to know that Yogita Bali was not divorced.

mithun chakraborty Also Worked in Bhojpuri Film

Mithun da has worked in films of many languages. File photo.

Gemini owns 38 dogs
Mithun Chakraborty is very fond of dog breeding and luxury life. He has kept 38 dogs at his bungalow. Apart from this, Ooty’s most luxurious hotel Monarch also belongs to Mithun. At the same time, he has 18 cottages in Mysore and 16 in Masinagudi. Mithun has many restaurants and currently he is active in TV dance shows along with politics.

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