Husband and son lost in youth also had to give shoulder, after the first film it rained stones, then became a rich actress

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Mumbai. The life of veteran actress Durga Khote, who worked in memorable films like Mirza Ghalib, Mughal-e-Azam, Dadi Maa, Anand, Musafir, Bawarchi, Bobby, Bharat Milap, Namak Haraam and Karz, was no less than a film story. Kabhi Pai-Pai ko Mohtaj Durga Khote earned such a name in Bollywood on the basis of her courage, passion and talent that at one point of time she became the most famous actress.

Durga Khote not only earned her name but also changed the face of Bollywood for girls. The fate of Durga Khote, who faced many challenges in her life, kept pushing her into the quagmire of torture since childhood. But Durga Khote also built a new world by crossing all the swamps with the rope of her courage. Come let’s know the story of this Bollywood veteran actress.

Born in a rich family and had a deep connection with poverty
Born on 14 January 1905 in Mumbai, Durga Khote’s family was very rich. Born in a Konkani family in Goa, Durga Khote moved to Mumbai after her birth. Durga Khote’s father Pandurang Shyamrao Lord was a prominent lawyer in Mumbai. Durga was very good in studies since childhood. After completing her schooling, Durga Khote’s family members talked about her marriage.

But Durga first wanted to get her graduation degree. Durga’s father got her admission in St. Xavier’s College. Meanwhile, Durga’s mother insisted on getting her married. After this Durga was married to Vishwanath Khote. Vishwanath Khote was an educated person and had returned from London. Durga had 2 sons only after marriage. According to media reports, Durga Khote’s husband Vishwanath also passed away in just 21 years. After this Durga Khote came on the road. It became difficult for Durga to feed herself with 2 children.

the endless struggle begins again
After the death of her husband, the responsibility of raising two sons fell on Durga’s head. Durga Khote came to her maternal home with her sons. Here Durga used to go to work leaving her sons with her mother. Durga went to the school from where she did her studies to ask for a teaching job. But Durga could not get a job due to lack of graduation. But a master of the school got him the tuition of a child. After this Durga started earning her living by teaching tuition.

again the first step to success
One day when Durga Khote returned home after giving tuition, she saw a man in a suitboot with her sister. Durga’s sister introduced him by the name of JBH Wadia. Durga’s sister told that they are making a film called Farabi Jaal. He is looking for a female actress in this film. Durga’s film journey started from here. Durga played a 10-minute role in the silent film Farebi Jaal, released in the year 1932. But how did Durga know that people were going to get angry on her.

In those days women working in films were looked down upon. Durga Khote also had to bear the brunt of this. People pelted a lot of stones on Durga Khote. Not only this, it became difficult for Durga to come out. But Durga Khote also did not give up and continued acting. With her strong acting skills, Durga Khote did more than 200 films in a career spanning 50 years. Durga Khote also won accolades in strong films like Mirza Ghalib, Mughal-e-Azam, Dadi Maa, Anand, Musafir, Bawarchi, Bobby, Bharat Milap, Namak Haraam and Karz. Not only this, Durga Khote also became the richest actress of cinema.

Son had to give bier
Durga Khote’s life was no less than a film story. Also, Durga Khote’s life is no less than an inspiration for girls. Durga Khote had lost her husband in just 21 years. There were many sorrows in the life of Durga, who brought up both sons alone, but the biggest sorrow was to shoulder the bier of her young son. Durga Khote’s son had died in his youth. Durga was completely broken by this. Durga herself gave shoulder to her son. After this, Durga married her daughter-in-law for the second time and sent her away happily.

FIRST PUBLISHED : March 04, 2023, 16:32 IST

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