Jaspal Bhatti was the comedy king of 90’s, hit with ‘Flop Show’, 5 unheard stories related to his life

Jaspal Bhatti

New Delhi- New Delhi- A TV actor whose every talk used to make people laugh. In the 80-90s, when this actor used to appear on TV, the audience used to be in a bad condition laughing. Despite studying engineering, this actor had made laughing his profession. The actor and comedian we are talking about today is none other than Jaspal Singh Bhatti. He is also known as ‘King of Comedy’ and ‘King of Satire’.

Jaspal Bhatti, who studied electrical engineering, had the skill of making tremendous sarcasm on politics, system and society while laughing. He used to say everything about politics and system without saying anything, and this act of his had made a home in the hearts of the audience. Jaspal Bhatti, who once reached the audience through street plays, left a different impression on the audience across the country by creating a superhit show with his wife Savita Bhatti.

In the early days of his career, Jaspal Bhatti worked as a cartoon artist in a newspaper ‘The Tribune’ in Chandigarh. Being associated with this profession, Jaspal Singh Bhatti was well aware of the everyday problems of the common man. While raising the problems of the common man, Jaspal Bhatti’s skill of sarcasm on the system proved very useful to him on TV.

Raising the issues of the common man in an interesting way, this comedian made the show ‘Ulta Pulta’ and that show became a super hit. Jaspal Bhatti got a different identity from this show. The skill of making people laugh while doing clean comedy is hardly better than Jaspal Bhatti.

Did ‘flop show’ with wife-
Jaspal Singh Bhatti made ‘Flop Show’ together with his wife Savita Bhatti. In this show too, he along with his wife used to raise serious problems in a light-hearted manner. From a few episodes of this show, Savita Bhatti and Jaspal Bhatti became famous across the country.

Also worked in films-
After making an identity with TV, Jaspal Bhatti turned to films. He made a strong attack on law and order in the 1999 Punjabi film ‘Mahaul Thik Hai’. After that Jaspal Singh Bhatti appeared in many Punjabi and Hindi films.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 03, 2023, 05:30 IST

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