Jitiya festival is being celebrated in Province 2 today

Jitiya festival

Jitiya festival: The Province 2 government has given a public holiday today on the occasion of the Jitiya festival.

The women of Tharu and Mithilanchal have been given leave by the state government as today is the main day of the three-day Jitia.

The women celebrating the Jitiya festival have broken their fast this morning. This festival is celebrated for three days including Saptami, Ashtami, and Nawami of Asoj Krishna paksha.

It is customary to celebrate the first day by worshiping and eating various dishes. It is customary to eat Kodo bread, salty greens, and fish after the first day of fasting. Which is called fish death in Mithilanchal.

On the second-day women fast and on the third day they break their fast. It is customary for women to gather in one place and listen to the story after the fast is over by worshiping the sun this morning.

Jitiya is a religious and cultural festival celebrated for the longevity of children, procreation, and family happiness and peace.