Kathmandu Metropolitan Declared fully Literate City

Kathmandu Fully literate Literacy

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has been declared a literate metropolis. 

As 96.6 percent of the total population in the metropolis is literate, the metropolitan education department declared them literate on Monday according to national standards.

Ram Prasad Subedi, chief of the metropolitan education department, said that the metropolis of Bagmati has been declared literate as only the metropolis of Kathmandu was yet to be declared literate.

Kathmandu Literacy

He said that the metropolis has been doing homework for this since last year. He said that 96.6 percent of the total population has been declared literate.

According to the Non-Formal Education and Literacy Program Implementation Handbook, 2075 BS, literacy can be declared in case more than 95 percent of the 15-60 age group is literate.