Bir Hospital’s Kidney transplant service operational

Bir Hospital New Building

Kidney transplant service will be resumed at the new surgical building of Bir Hospital after the treatment of corona infection has started.

Dr. Bhupendra Basnet, Chief Executive Officer of Covid-19 Unified Central Hospital, Bir, said that they have decided to resume the transplant service which was stopped due to a corona infection.

According to him, the meeting of the Kidney Transplant Committee held on Tuesday morning has decided to start the transplant.

The transplant service in Bir was stopped on 24 March 2020, after the country was shut down for the first time. 

Because after the kidney transplant at Bir Hospital, the corona infected who had to undergo dialysis in the transplant ward was started to be served.

‘Now we have moved all the services of Covid to the surgical building. 

Now you are going to start non-covid service in the old building of the hospital, ‘said Dr. “The decision was made so that non-covid patients would not be harmed,” Basnet said.

According to Basnet, a team of doctors, nurses and health workers are preparing for the kidney transplant. 

According to him, preparations have been made to transplant up to two kidney transplants a year depending on the patient’s pressure.

 “We will continue the service as soon as the patient arrives. I urge the patients who are thinking of getting a kidney transplant to come for the service,” he said. Basnet said.

In the team of doctors who do kidney transplants, Dr. Parasmani Shrestha, Dr. Anil Shrestha, Dr. Ravin Basnet, Dr. Pukar Chandra Shrestha, Dr. Rajni Hada, Dr. There are doctors including Anil Baral.