Kishore Kumar was mocked by Pran, punched him hard, the singer moaned, said, ‘If you don’t agree..’

Pran and Kishore Kumar

New Delhi: Kishore Kumar was a very funny person. He used to joke a lot with his colleagues. It is said that Lata Mangeshkar started recording the song alone because of his funny nature, because his funny talk did not let him concentrate on the song. Pran, who used to play the role of Serious Villain in films, also started behaving like him in his company, but once Kishore Kumar’s funny nature overpowered him. Actually, Pran had punched Kishore Kumar during a fight scene.

Kishore Kumar and Pran had worked together in many films like ‘Sadhu Aur Shaitan’, ‘Half Ticket’ and ‘Naya Andaz’. Referring to the shoot of the film ‘Pehli Jhalak’, Pran had said in an interview, ‘It was very difficult to work with Kishore da, because he used to laugh even in serious scenes. He had to be flattered that brother, this is a serious scene, for God’s sake be serious for a while.

Pran further said, ‘There is a scene in the film ‘Pehli Jhalak’, in which I and he fight. I punched his stomach. As soon as I punched his stomach, he would start laughing instead of uff. There were 12 or 14 retakes of the film, but they did not agree. When the next take happened, instead of the fake punch, I threw the real punch in the stomach. They moaned – oh, died. I said – yes this is what is needed.

Pran had said while groping the memories, ‘He made a man like me, who used to play the role of serious villain in films, like himself.’ It is said that in 1955, when Pran and Kishore were shooting a fight scene for the film Da, the director suggested Pran to actually punch the singer. They were not shooting the scene seriously. Please tell that Pran’s full name was Pran Krishna Sikand, who was born on 12 February 1920 in Delhi. The actor died at the age of 93 after a long illness.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 03, 2023, 20:14 IST

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