Landslide damages eight houses in Beni injures three

Beni Landslide
Photo for illustration

Three persons have been injured and eight houses have been damaged in a landslide at Kaligandaki River in Beni Municipality-8. 

The landslide occurred in the river from the side of Mallal in Jaljala Gaonpalika-3 of the mountain and flooded Kalipul Bazaar in Beni-8. 

Tara Prasad Pun, the coordinator of the Kalipul Toll Improvement Committee, said that the landslide that fell this morning had caused damage to eight houses. According to him, Santu Pun, Govinda Budha, and Rekha Nepal were injured in the flood and were rescued by the locals and rushed to Beni Hospital for treatment. 

He said that the landslide has not stopped and 30 houses in Kalipul Bazaar are at risk. The locals rushed to the upper part of Kalipul after the landslide fell in the middle of the night with incessant rain. The locals had taken shelter in the street all night.

“Along with the landslide, the river flooded inside the house. We carried the old people to a safe place. The risk is not over yet. There is a risk of more landslides in the landslide area,” said local Suresh Pun. According to him, the flood has damaged toilets, drinking water, and other houses. The tide has completely destroyed the iron wire attached to the wall built to control the river. Meanwhile, a team of people’s representatives and security personnel of Beni Municipality have inspected the landslide and flood-hit Kalipul area. 

Ward Chairman of Ward No. 8 Ram Krishna Baraili informed that the locals have been requested to stay in a safe place as the situation has been assessed and no further risk has been taken.