Malaysia lifts travel & work ban on Nepalese

Malaysia lifts travel ban on Nepalese

The travel & work ban imposed by Malaysia on Nepalese has been lifted.

Malaysia, the main employment destination for Nepalis, had banned Nepalis after the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Now, workers with new visas and those who have gone to Nepal on home leave at different times will be able to easily enter Malaysia.

The Malaysian embassy in Nepal has stated that it has decided to take workers from Nepal as soon as Malaysia lifts the ban.

The embassy issued a notice stating that Nepalis wishing to go to Malaysia should register through the Malaysian Immigration Office’s My Travel Pass / My Entry (

According to the embassy, ​​for those who want to go to Malaysia, there should be a legal visa for Malaysia, a full vaccination certificate of Coronado, and a PCR test report.

It is mentioned in the information issued by the embassy that the quarantine should be kept as specified by the Malaysian government. If you need more information, you can call 01-5445689, the embassy said.

Malaysia had decided a few days ago to lift the sanctions imposed on five countries including Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka due to the corona epidemic.

Nepalis who have not been able to go to Malaysia even though they have a long-term visa from Malaysia, permanent immigrants living in Malaysia, Nepalis who have been issued visas by the Malaysian government will get admission.

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Malaysia lifts travel ban on Nepalis