Manushi Laghubitta IPO Result Learn everything

Manushi laghubitta IPO result

On Monday, Manushi Laghubitta’s IPO allotment ( IPO outcome ) will be announced, Manushi Laghubitta IPO Result

SBI Merchant Banking has completed data verification and pre-allotment, according to corporate issue manager Manushi Laghubitta.

Capital has stated that the data verification will not be completed tomorrow since it will rely on the amount of work that can be completed, but it is planning to make the results public by Sunday if possible.

As a result, Capital added, preparations are being prepared to finish the distribution by Sunday, with the agreement of CDS and the board.

From Shrawan 27 to Shrawan 31, Manushi Laghubitta issued 3,93,750 initial public offerings (IPOs) at a price of Rs 100 per share. 3 lakh 68 thousand 593 shares were issued to the general public out of a total of 3 lakh 68 thousand 593 shares.

The company’s IPO will be distributed using a lottery mechanism because there are more applications than demand in the microfinance IPO.

Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited has been granted the issuer rating of “CARE-NP B+ (Is) [Single B Plus (Issuer)]” by CARE Ratings Nepal Limited (CRNL) (MLBSL).

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