UCPN (Maoist Center) calls for a minimum common program

Maoist Center minimum common program

The UCPN (Maoist Center) has called for a minimum common program among the alliances as soon as possible.

Today’s meeting of the standing committee concluded that the Maoists should move the coalition government forward with a minimum common program and common commitment.

He called on the coalition to set common priority programs and commitments.

Spokesperson Narayan Kaji Shrestha also said that the current coalition government should not show the same behavior as the previous government and move ahead in line with the commitments made in the past.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, he said, “The trend we struggled against yesterday should not be seen in any way now. There should be no repetition. Today, our party has emphasized that. For that, the coalition government needs to move forward through a minimum common program, so the party has called for immediate commitments.”

Concluding that the UCPN (M) will streamline and speed up the process of party formation, it has also decided to hold a meeting of the Central Committee on August 4 and a meeting of the Standing Committee on August 1.

Similarly, it has been decided to hold a program in the memory of the founding leader of the Communist Party of Nepal, Nara Bahadur Karmacharya, at the party’s central office in Parisdanda and party offices across the country.