Minister Krishna Prasad Khanal set to resign soon

Krishna Prasad Khanal

Bagmati Social Development Minister Krishna Prasad Khanal is set to resign. Khanal told Media that he was about to resign from the post of minister.

Khanal became a minister on the day the Astalaxmi Shakya-led government was formed. Khanal has left the UML and opted for the Madhav Nepal-led CPN-U.

‘I joined an ideological group while the inter-conflict was going on in the UML. That think tank was registered as the CPN (Unified Socialist Party). I also identified in that. Now morality has not allowed me to remain in the post of minister, ‘Khanal said about the reason for his resignation.

Astalaxmi Shakya, who was in the Madhav Nepal camp in the past, changed her lot and became the Chief Minister of Bagmati two weeks ago. She is in the minority after 12 lawmakers from Bagmati left the UML and opted for the Unified Socialist Party.

With the government in the minority, Chief Minister Shakya has to take a vote of confidence from the state assembly.