Motiram Bhatta’s 155th birth anniversary is marked today

Motiram Bhatta's 155th birth anniversary

Literary festivities are being held today to commemorate the 155th birth anniversary of the national luminary Yuvakavi (the Youth Poet) Motiram Bhatta

However, due to the coronavirus epidemic, no formal program has been planned this year.

On this day in 1923 BS/1866 AD, Bhatta was born on Kushe Aunsi (National Father’s Day). In the year 1953 BS/1896 AD, Bhatta died on the same day.

He had a brief life, but he will be remembered for his significant contributions to Nepali literature, particularly for immortalizing Adikavi Bhanubhakta Acharya by making his biography public.

Bhatta was also credited with being the first to introduce the printing press to Nepal.

Ghazals were first published in Nepali literature thanks to him. In 1941 BS, he also released Bhanubhakta’s Ramayana. He improved the Nepali language and turned it into a lovely medium for literary expression.

‘Bhanubhaktako Jeewan Charitra,’ ‘Priyadarshika,’ and ‘Pikdut’ are some of Bhatta’s most well-known literary works.

Motiram Bhatta’s 155th birth anniversary