Mumtaz had no friends in the industry, people used to make faces seeing him, 2 actors used to reject the film on hearing his name

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Mumtaz, who rules the hearts of people with her silky hair and soft eyes, is one of the beautiful actresses of her era. Industry people also called her stunt woman. She used to give tough competition to beautiful actresses like Hema Malini, Rekha, Jaya and Asha Parekh in those days. The confluence of beauty and acting made this actress the superstar of that era. But do you know that this beautiful actress did not have any friends in the industry then. Far from talking, no actress used to even say hello-hi to Mumtaz. Not only this, two Bollywood superstars had flatly refused to work with him.

Mumtaz started her career as a child artist. Mumtaz gave many hit films and first she appeared with wrestler Dara Singh, with whom she did not one or two but about 15 to 16 films. After this, Mumtaz’s career reached heights and she also became Bollywood’s most expensive heroine.

Compulsion made me work in childhood
Mumtaz’s childhood was spent in poverty, he was born in the year 1947 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. But when she was only 1 year old, her parents separated. Mumtaz started living with her mother at her grandmother’s house. Due to poverty, Mumtaz and his sister Malaika had to work in childhood. Some of his family members were junior artists, due to which he also got child actor work in the year 1958 in the film ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’.

From B grade to A grade films
When Mumtaz entered Bollywood, at that time the actress meant a woman with a gentle and calm character. But this actress had changed all the meaning of being a heroine with her mischievous acts. An actress who reached the top from junior actress. Mumtaz, who worked in B grade films, worked hard to get A grade films and also became Bollywood’s most expensive heroine.

no one used to say hi-hello on the set
The beautiful and talented actress of that era, who had millions of fans but had no friends in the industry. This was disclosed by Mumtaz herself in an interview. He said, ‘I got the support of all my heroes, but not of any actress friend.’ Mumtaz had told that he always did not even say hello to him on the sets. It was only Waheeda Rehman who used to talk to her, except her no other actress used to even talk. Waheeda Rehman was his friend for a long time.

Shashi Kapoor-Jitendra refused to work
Not only actresses but at one time even big heroes were not ready to work with her. In this, Shashi Kapoor and Jitendra are two such heroes, who refused to work with him. He told that once Jitendra refused to do a film with him, the director told him in response, ‘If you don’t want to work with him, you can leave the film. I will cast some other hero. Jeetu agreed on this. Similarly, Shashi Kapoor also refused to work with Mumtaz in the film ‘Sacha Jhootha’. After which Rajesh Khanna was cast in place of Shashi.

Why did the stars not want to work?
Actually, the reason for all this was probably that Mumtaz came from B grade films to A grade. That’s why no big star was ready to work with him. At that time, he felt that perhaps his image could be tarnished by working with him. But due to her success, Mumtaz gained fame and money and at one time she became an expensive actress, who used to come to the film sets by Mercedes.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 05, 2023, 10:56 IST

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