Murder of a five-month-old girl IN Nawalparasi

Murder of a five-month-old girl IN Nawalparasi

A five-month-old girl has been killed in Nawalparasi (east of Bardaghat-Susta) after a fight over alcohol, Murder of a five-month-old girl

A five-month-old girl has died in a family quarrel after consuming alcohol in Devchuli-6 Mirtung of the district.

Karna Bahadur Saru, a resident of Devachuli-6, had picked up his uncle’s five-month-old daughter Dhanmaya Barhaghare and thrown her on the floor of the house while he was arguing with his uncle Padma Bahadur Barhaghare after consuming alcohol.

A spokesperson at the District Police Office, Deputy Superintendent of Police Dilip Kumar Giri said that the girl succumbed to her injuries while undergoing treatment at the local primary health center Dumkauli on Saturday.

Giri informed that Saru involved in the incident was taken under control on Saturday and the case was taken forward.