Ncell launches #DataSadhaiOn New Campaign in Nepal

Ncell launches #DataSadhaiOn
Photo: Ncell

Nepal‘s top private telecom operator, Ncell Axiata, has launched a new thematic campaign called #DataSadhaiOn.

The company is always launching new marketing and promotions.

For this thematic campaign, Ncell emphasizes making use of the 4G service. The new commercial invites customers to stay connected with Ncell 4G and promises a variety of mobile data benefits and prospects.

#DataSadhaiOn Overview

Ncell claims to have expanded its 4G network coverage throughout Nepal, reaching 2/3rds of the population. Ncell reaffirms its commitment to expanding its 4G network to all remaining parts of the country.

The company’s #DataSadhaiOn campaign encourages consumers to stay connected at all times by utilizing 4G networks.

The company also pledges to create appealing consumer-friendly deals, ensuring that the benefits of mobile broadband connectivity are realized.

As a result, we may anticipate a new set of appealing data packs for this thematic campaign. Here are the most recent Ncell data packs that are accessible right now.

Even in the midst of the pandemic, the company was able to spread the service to over 550 local levels around the country.

Ncell is also constantly expanding its 4G network to cover the rest of the country. Ncell has just applied to the NTA for approval to conduct 5G testing.

Ncell launches #DataSadhaiOn

4G Benefits in Nepal

Broadband networks with high speeds have become a requirement in today’s world. People are remaining at home due to the pandemic and completing all of their activities online. As a result, staying connected and keeping your data on is always necessary.

Furthermore, 4G LTE provides additional bandwidth, allowing subscribers to share large files, stream media, download more apps, and receive real-time data faster. 4G connectivity is useful not just to the general public, but also to #DigitalNepal, the ICT industry, technopreneurs, the media, and other organizations.
Only through connecting people with cutting-edge 4G technology will the country be able to realize Digital Nepal’s objectives.

Ncell’s 4G coverage was recently expanded with the addition of LTE 900MHz. Over 7.2 million consumers have received mobile data services from the company, with over 4.8 million of them using Ncell 4G.

If you don’t already have a 4G SIM, you can get one for free by visiting your nearest Ncell center, Ncell Pasal, or Ncell outlet.