Nepal Army to build school building in Manang

Nepal Army Schools in Manang

The schools damaged by the floods and landslides will be rebuilt by the Nepal Army

The Nepal Army is ready to build school buildings in flood-hit districts.

According to the Education Development and Coordination Unit, the army will construct the physical infrastructure of the four schools damaged by the floods in the Marsyangdi River on July 15.

It is said that the army will construct the buildings of Bhanu Higher Secondary School at Nason Gaonpalika-1, Taal Village, Prakash Jyoti Higher Secondary School at Nason-6, Dharapani Basic School at Nason-3, and Lokpriya Higher Secondary School at Chame Gaonpalika-4.

Half of the popular secondary schools and Prakash Jyoti Secondary School, which are model schools in the district, have been washed away by the floods. Narayan Prasad Regmi, chief of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, said that there was no condition for teaching in the flood-damaged schools.

The future of the students has become uncertain after the river flooded the school in Manang, which has only four secondary schools. According to Regmi, the army will help in the construction of school buildings that have been cut off from the road network by the floods. “The army is going to help by constructing a building to create a bright future for the young students who will be in charge of the country in the future,” he said.

The army has shown readiness to help in the construction of the school building as the education of the children at risk of floods and landslides along with Corona is uncertain. The people of Manang as well as the children are happy that the army will help in the construction of the school building.

The Marshyangdi River is still flowing at Bhanu Secondary School in Naso-1 Lake village. Along with the settlement of Taal village, the school is also at full risk. According to him, three secondary and one basic school have been damaged due to the floods. He says that there is no condition for teaching in these schools.

Similarly, Prakash Jyoti Secondary School at Takura of Naso-6 Thonche has been damaged by the Marshyangdi River on one side and Dudh Khola on the other. The school, which offers classes up to class 12, has to use a suspension bridge over the Marshyangdi River to reach the school.

Nepal Army

Of the four secondary schools in the district, only Annapurna Secondary School in Manang Ngisyang Gaonpalika-6 Manang village has survived the floods, said Regmi. The building of Lokmeya Madhyamik, a model school of Chame-4 in the district headquarters, has been completely damaged by the flood of the Marsyangdi River.

Only a quarter of the school, including the dormitory, remains. With only a small portion left, it is not possible to keep the students in school.

Chief District Officer Bishnu Lamichhan informed that discussions are underway with the Nepal Army on when to start the construction of the building and how to deliver the materials required for the construction of the physical infrastructure to the damaged area.

“We are completely away from the road network. Schools are necessary for the future of the students. If the road network was built soon, it would have been easier. We are taking initiative. The problem is compounded by the fact that it is still raining,” he said.

He said that the floods in the educational area of ​​Manang, which was hit by the Corona, had made it even worse. As floods and landslides reduce corona havoc, children’s education needs to be resumed to build their future. Students in Manang will be deprived of education after the school building was washed away by the floods.