One Arrested on charge of abduction in Jumla

One arrested in Jumla

Surkhet Police have arrested a man accused of abducting a 10-month-old baby from Jumla and making him disappear.

Dan Bahadur Rokaya, 25, of Jumla Hima Gaonpalika-3 has been arrested.

The District Police Office, Surkhet arrested him from Airport Chowk on Saturday. 

Inspector Kanak Bahadur Shahi said that Rokaya had already admitted that he had taken the baby.

Police Inspector Shahi said that he did not have the abducted child as he had given it to an unknown person.

Jumla Police Chief Deputy Superintendent of Police Dan Bahadur Thapa informed that the 19-year-old girl of Jumla Hima-3 has filed a complaint alleging that the baby has been missing since the night of September 19.

“The incident is very serious and sensitive,” he said. We are doing research from different perspectives. ”

Dramatic child abduction

It is said that the baby was born through illegal contact with Rokaya. The teenager gave birth to the baby last October.

According to the victim’s father Shakti Bahadur Kathayat, the girl had appeared for the secondary education examination from Rahadev Secondary School, Mofla this year. 

He said, “Dan Bahadur forcibly had an affair with her by telling her that he would train her in the village. 

He even abducted after the baby was born. We have reached the District Police Office, Jumla to seek justice. ”