Onlinekhabar – Online Khabar News Explained

Photo: Jung Rupak's Dribble

OnlineKhabar is a Nepalese independent online news portal founded in 2006 and publishes news in Nepali and English.

This publishing house does not offer print. It was one of Nepal’s top ten digital news portals in 2014.

It became Nepal’s most popular news portal by 2020.

The surge in the online reading of online publications, such as OnlineKhabar, has been linked in part to the 2015 Gorkha earthquake, during which print media was suspended.

By participating in the fight against state-sanctioned media restriction, the news agency is actively promoting free journalism.


In certain instances, cops have assaulted journalists from the media.

For example, while photographing the arrest of a civil worker inside Singha Durbar, a picture journalist was assaulted by police.

Himalaya TV and OnlineKhabar have launched cooperation to give Nepali people convergent programming.