Power outage in 4 districts of Gandaki due to a landslide

Power outage in Gandaki

Power supply to four districts of Gandaki has been disrupted due to a landslide in the mountains on Friday night. 

The tower of the transmission line between the Modi Khola Project and the Modi Khola-1 Hydropower Project near the district headquarters Kushma was demolished.

Tower No. 4 at Parbat Chuwa under the 132 KV transmission line constructed by United Modi Hydropower Company to connect the power of Modi-1 Hydropower Project to the Modi substation has been demolished by a landslide.

As a result, 68.2 MW of privately-owned powerhouses in Parbat, Myagdi, and Mustang have been disconnected from the national transmission system. Also, the power supply to Parbat, Baglung, Myadi, and Mustang has been cut off.

The 42-megawatt Mistry Khola and 5-megawatt Ghalemdi Khola in Myagdi, 11.2-megawatt Thapakhola in Mustang, and the 10-megawatt Lower Modi-1 Hydropower Project in Parbat has stopped production.

A team including Kedar Silwal, Chief of Distribution and Customer Service Gandaki Regional Office, Pokhara and Madhav Poudel, Chief of Pokhara Grid has been deployed to start the maintenance work of the tower immediately.

NEA Executive Director Kulman Ghising informed that efforts are being made to regularize the power supply by making alternative arrangements. “Our team has not been able to reach the site of the collapsed due to heavy rains. We are trying to regularize the line as soon as possible using the emergency restoration tower. It may take a maximum of five days,” he said.

The Kushma substation of Mistry, Thapakhola, and Ghalemdi projects connected to Dana substation of Myagdi under Kaligandaki Corridor 220 KV transmission line is connected to Modi substation through 132 KV transmission line of Modi-1 Hydropower Project.

The power supply has been cut off due to the collapse of the tower. The remaining electricity is supplied locally from the Modi substation to Pokhara.