Public transport is open, roads aren’t

Public Transport in Myagdi

Although the curfew was lifted due to the second wave of coronavirus, public transport in Myagdi district was reopened but could not operate due to floods and landslides.

The landslide has blocked the Beni-Jomsom road and the inner road of Myagdi. 

The landslide caused by incessant rains since the beginning of July has blocked Beni-Jomsom, Beni-Darbang, and the inner roads of the district. 

Even though the public transport in the district has been opened since July 16, there is no bus service on any rural road in the district, said a transport entrepreneur.

Chairman of the Myagdi Transport Entrepreneurs Committee, Suman Shrestha, said that even though the means of internal public transport were opened, the roads blocked due to floods and landslides could not be operated. 

“Public transport has been opened but the road could not be opened. It was built during the day.

The road is blocked by landslides after rains at night,” said Shrestha.

The Beni-Jomsom and Beni-Darbang roads have been blocked causing major problems. 

The Beni-Jomsom road connecting the Mustang district in the Trans-Himalayan region has been blocked at nine different places due to landslides and river erosion from below. 

The road has been washed away due to landslides and erosion of the Myagdi River.

Apart from Beni-Baranga, Beni-Pulachaur, and Beni-Jhin, 17 other rural roads in the district are blocked. 

Only small vehicles have been operating on the six-kilometer Beni-Pulachaur, eight-kilometer Beni-Baranga, and seven-kilometer Beni-Jhin roads.

According to Shrestha, chairman of the Myagdi Transport Entrepreneurs Committee, no vehicles other than jeeps have been able to operate on these three roads. 

He said that heavy vehicles could not operate as the road was narrowed due to the landslide.

Passengers are stranded on the road after the road was blocked. According to the Road Division Office, the landslide is being averted. It is said that it will take some