Ridi Rudrabeni road operational in Gulmi after the landslide

Rudrabeni Ridi

The Ridi Rudrabeni road in Gulmi, which was blocked by a landslide along with incessant rains, has come into operation. 

On Friday, a landslide with stones and soil had fallen in Saghure of Rurukshetra Gaonpalika Ward No. 2 of this road section. Constable Jagat Khanal of the temporary traffic police post, Ridi said that the blocked road came into operation on Saturday afternoon.

The landslide was delayed due to continuous rains. The jeep (Dha 1 Cha 146) heading towards Rudraveni from Butwal was stuck at the landslide site. Excavated using an excavator.

Ridi Rudrabeni Road is considered to be the busiest in the district. Vehicles go to Gulmi district and neighboring district Baglung through the same road.