Sankhuwasabha Case: Investigation started this morning

Sankhuwasabha Murder Case
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Sankhuwasabha Murder Case: A team has reached Sankhuwasabha to investigate the murder of six members of the same family.

A team led by Superintendent of Police (SP) Bhim Dahal has started an investigation into the murder of six members of the same family in Madi Municipality of Sakhunwasabha.

A team led by Superintendent of Police Bhim Dahal from the Federal Police Unit Office Dharan reached the spot on Monday night. An investigation into the incident has been started since Tuesday morning, said Superintendent of Police Dahal.

Tracker Dog Piku and Laila have been taken to the scene by the investigation team. According to SP Dahal, a team including a dog started the investigation on Tuesday morning as it was raining on Monday night.

Police had sealed off the scene after finding the body on Monday morning. The body was left at the scene overnight for dog use. However, police sources said that the effectiveness of using the dog was less due to the rain. The dog sniffs and carries the potential accused.

Dahal said that he would use a dog even when it was raining. “Tracker Dog’s effectiveness may be reduced when it rains,” Dahal said. “We try our best.”

Six members of Karki’s family were killed in Khola village of Umaling in Madi Municipality-1 on Monday morning. The 93-year-old Baudaman, who has poor eyesight and poor hearing, is safe.

His wife Parvati Karki, 84, son Tej Bahadur Karki, 52, daughter-in-law Kamala Karki, 52, daughter-in-law Ranjana Karki, 32, grandson Dipen Karki, 11, and granddaughter Goma Karki, 7, were killed.

According to police, Parvati’s body was found lying on a bed inside the house. Tej Bahadur’s body is lying on the road outside his house. Wearing a jacket and a gumboot, he appears to have been killed on the run.

The bodies of Ranjana and Kamala are lying in a ditch near the house. The bodies of Dipen and Goma are in Kharbari from home. Their bodies are lying on the ground at a distance of about five meters.
Police have a preliminary finding that five people were killed while fleeing and an elderly woman was killed while she was asleep.