Saptakoshi River water level recorded highest this year

Saptakoshi water level

The Saptakoshi River has seen the highest flow of water on Sunday this year. 

The river, which has been rising for several days, reached its highest point on Sunday.

According to the Koshi Barrage Control Room, the water level in the Saptakoshi River has reached 257,790 cusecs as per the latest measurements.

Thirty-five gates of the Koshi Barrage have been opened due to the rising river. The water level in Koshi has been measured at 256,020 cusecs on August 16. The first measurement has even surpassed that record.

Saptakoshi River

The water level in Koshi is expected to rise further as rains continue in most parts of the east. The flood measuring center at Chatara has also shown the rising water level of the river. Due to this, the latest measurements made at Koshi Barrage have estimated that the flood will increase further.

The river has started cutting in the Sunsari area of ​​the island of Sri Lanka due to the rising Koshi flood with continuous rains. Chief District Officer of Sunsari, Umesh Kumar Dhakal, said that the river has cut in some parts of the island region.

According to him, preparations are being made to rescue 20 families from Garaiya Island and relocate them to safer places. As the river rises, a team including the Chief District Officer has set out to inspect the Koshi area.