Sichuan Air flight overshoots, hovering for more than an hour

Sichuan Air flight overshoots

A Sichuan Air flight from China’s Chengdu to Kathmandu has overshoot after failing to land at Tribhuvan International Airport.

The pilot overshoots the ship due to poor visibility at the airport.

Due to inclement weather, the ship flew in the sky for more than an hour. The ship had landed at 7:51 am even though it was scheduled to land at 6:30 am today.

An official of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) said that the pilot overshoots the aircraft due to poor visibility at the airport due to bad weather.

“If the visibility is low, if the wind speed is high, if something is seen on the runway, the pilot does not take the risk of landing and oversets,” the official said.

The sky in Kathmandu Valley was foggy in the morning. The fog had also affected domestic flights in general. Due to the effect of monsoon winds, there are cloud and rain conditions all over the country.