Singer JB Tuhure’s health condition critical

JB Tuhure

According to the doctor involved in the treatment, the health condition of progressive singer Juth Bahadur Khadgi (JB Tuhure) is serious and stable after the stroke.

He was admitted to the CCU ward of Vayodha Hospital in Balkhu after a sudden fall at his private residence in Kalanki, Kathmandu on Tuesday.

The 78-year-old Tuhure, who also suffers from chronic heart, lung, diabetes, and high blood pressure, is at risk of undergoing surgery. Samarth Singh said. 

He said that despite all possible efforts being made for the treatment of the orphans, the situation has not improved.

Tuhure is currently being treated on a ventilator.

On Thursday, former Prime Minister and Chairman of the CPN (Maoist Center) Pushpa Kamal Dahal visited the hospital and enquired about his health condition. 

He urged the government to bear the entire cost of the Tuhure’s treatment.

UML general secretary Ishwor Pokharel, finance minister Janardan Sharma, Congress spokesperson Bishwaprakash Sharma and former minister Krishna Gopal Shrestha have reached the hospital to meet Tuhure.

Dr. Samarth Singh, Dr. Vishwakumar Shrestha, Dr. Pavan Bahadur Bhandari, Dr. Prakash Shrestha’s medical team is involved in the treatment of Tuhure.

Tuhare, who has entered the music industry since the 20s, has recorded more than 150 pro-people songs. “Ama Didi Bahini ho kati basxau dasi vai, Sukhako sadhai pyasi banera” is his most popular song.

Tuhure born in Sunsari’s Dharan had become proportional members from the then UCPN (Maoist) in the second Constituent Assembly. 

In 2075 BS, JB Tuhure Foundation has been established in his name. His daughter Nirbhika is the chairperson of the foundation.