Some made 14 attempts of IVF, some lost courage in 4 times, the story of becoming a mother of these 5 TV actresses is painful.

Debina Kashmer Payal mahhi Vij

Debina Kashmer Payal Mahi Vij

Debina Banerjee, Kashmira Shah and Mahi Vij have become mothers through IVF treatment. All of them are very happy with their families. But he had to face many problems during the treatment. Whereas, Payal Rohatgi took IVF treatment before marriage. While Sambhavna Seth took IVF treatment after marriage but could not become a mother. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Mahi Vij

Mahi Vij married Jai Bhanushali in the year 2011. Infertile for 3 years of marriage, Mahi tried IVF in 2014. Although the doctors forbade him to do so. But because of husband Jai, she chose it. Jai wanted his wife to enjoy pregnancy. But the first IVF round failed. Mahi told that she took 100 injections during the last attempt. She had a pre-mature baby in August 2019. She stayed in NICU for 3 months. His daughter name is Tara. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Debina Bonnerjee Ivf

Debina Banerjee gave birth to first daughter Liana in April 2022. After this, he had told in the interview that he had taken 4 rounds of IVF treatment. After his first attempt, there were many hormonal changes and infections in his body. His weight had increased. Nevertheless, he continued this treatment and achieved success. Now she is happy with her husband Gurmeet Choudhary and has two daughters- Liana and Divisha. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Kashmira Shah Krushna Abhishek

Kashmira Shah and Krishna Abhishek are enjoying life with their twin children. But it was not easy at all for Kashmiri. Kashmira told in an interview to the Times of India that after 3 years of marriage, she tried hard for pregnancy but could not succeed. Kashmira said that she made 14 unsuccessful attempts to have a baby. He got injected during the treatment. Due to this, his weight had increased a lot. She was getting irritable. In the last she chose surrogacy. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Sambhavna Seth Avinash Dwivedi

Sambhavna Seth married boyfriend Avinash Dwivedi in July 2016. After this both made all efforts to become parents but could not succeed. Recently once again Sambhavna talked about IVF treatment. Sambhavna said that she took many treatments of IVF. Due to this his weight increased. Feet swollen. She got angry. But she could not succeed. (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

Payal Rohatgi Sangram Singh

Payal Rohatgi and Sangram were in a relationship before marriage. In an episode of ‘Lock Up’, Payal revealed that she is infertile, which means she cannot become a mother. He told in the show that IVF was also tried but failed. Payal had said, “I cannot have children. I thought we will get married when I can get pregnant. We have been trying for 4-5 years, but it is not happening. I think Sangram has come to know that I cannot be pregnant. I did IVF but it was not successful.” (Photo courtesy: Instagram)

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 04, 2023, 05:30 IST

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