Successful arthroplasty surgery at Alka Hospital

arthroplasty surgery at Alka Hospital

A 97-year-old woman has undergone successful arthroplasty surgery at Alka Hospital in Jawalakhel, Lalitpur.

Ganesh Maya Shahi, 97, of Khoknaki in Lalitpur has undergone a successful arthroplasty.

A team of Shiva Chandra Amatya, a doctor at the hospital, had placed Shahi in high care and operated on her for arthroplasty.

“The 97-year-old woman is also suffering from heart disease. We have successfully operated on her with the utmost care,” said doctor Amatya. “It is rare.”

According to him, doctors do not recommend such surgery to the elderly and heart patients. “The royal family also requested us to have a hip replacement. We informed them about the risks of the surgery,” said Dr. Amatya.

Her heart was swollen, her heartbeat was low, we had to change her hip as soon as possible, but Amatya said that we were able to perform the operation in 54 minutes.

“I went to many hospitals but Alka came and my operation was successful,” said Shahi.

A few years ago, the hip joint was broken in a royal fight. She has been discharged from the royal hospital after changing her hip joint.