Sundarharaicha Badminton Championship 2021 results

sundarharaicha badminton Championship

General Insurance Dharan has clinched the title of ‘Sundarharaicha Badminton Championship 2021’ in Salakpur, Sundaraharaincha, Morang. 

General Insurance’s Prince Singh Thakuri and Satyam Subba have bagged the title in the competition held at Durgadevi Dulal Sports Village. Ashish Jabegu and Dinesh Shankar of Manjari Paints Itahari came second in the corporate category. Eastern Polymer Acrylic Pvt. Nabin Siluwal and Bhoj Bahadur Gurung of Sundaraharaincha came third. Lions Club of Indrapur’s Uttam Shivakoti and Furtemba Sherpa’s team also bagged third place.

Along with the victory in the competition, the first, second, and third-place winners received certificates, medals, and trophies worth Rs. 31,000, Rs. 21,000 and Rs. 11,000 respectively.

Bikas Shrestha and Subash Shrestha of Belbari JC have won the JC branch. Abinash Rai and Gyanendra Dahal of Kamalnagar Jaycees came second. 

Similarly, Prajwal Ojha and Guruprasad Rai of Bhadrapur JC came third. Supreme Pant and Suchak Khadka of Tankisinwari JC also came third. The first, second, and third place winners of the branch received certificates, medals, and trophies worth Rs 25,000, Rs 15,000, and Rs 7,500 respectively.