Sunita Baby danced tremendously, Sapna Chaudhary’s sleep will go away, fans go crazy after seeing her performance

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Today people all over the country know Sapna Choudhary. You must have heard a lot about her Haryanvi songs and dance, but these days there is another name, which is seen giving tough competition to Sapna. His dance and style are being discussed a lot. Like Sapna’s dance video, these days another Haryanvi dancer is creating panic on the internet, whose name is Sunita Baby, who is in limelight due to her dance.

Dance videos of Sunita Baby are once again making a splash on the internet. She is not only creating panic on the internet with her dance performance, but is also stealing hearts with her style. Like Sapna, her videos also get millions of views.

Like Sapna Chowdhary, now the fans have got a new dancer in the avatar of Sunita Baby. Recently, a dance performance video of Sunita Baby is going viral, in which she is seen performing tremendously on Sapna Chowdhary’s song, ‘Goli Chal Javegi’.

The fans are very happy to see the unique style of Sunita Baby’s dance and are dancing. This video of Sunita Baby has been uploaded on YouTube on the channel named Pravik Team. Watch the video here-

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The video was uploaded about 3 years ago, which once again people are liking to watch. The video has been viewed more than 3 million times so far. In the video, another dancer is seen with Sunita, whose name is being told as Sheetal. In the video, Sunita is dancing like Sapna in a green suit.

You can guess the popularity of Sunita Baby from the fact that every dance video of her goes viral on social media within no time. Sunita Baby has created a sensation on the internet with her dance. Sunita Baby has made a good name for herself as a dancer.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 01, 2023, 17:23 IST

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