Sushmita Sen had a heart attack at the age of 46, the actress told herself on social media, wrote ‘That’s why I am telling so that…

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Sushmita Sen Heart Attack: Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen posted on Instagram on Thursday that she had recently suffered a heart attack. 46-year-old Sushmita told through an Instagram post that this heart attack came a few days back and now she has undergone angioplasty. A stent has now been inserted in Sushmita’s heart. The actress has shared a picture with her father. After this post of Sushmita, many people are now praying for her speedy recovery.

Sharing a picture of her, Sushmita Sen wrote, ‘Shona, always keep your heart happy and strong, and see that whenever you need it, it will be with you. (These words were said by my father). A few days ago I had a heart attack…Angioplasty has been done…Stent put in…And most importantly, my cardiologist has also confirmed that ‘My heart is very big.’

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Sushmita has shared a picture with her father.

The actress further wrote in her post, ‘I have to thank many people for helping and supporting me on time. I will do that too in another post soon. I have done this post only so that my well wishers can get the good news that everything is fine and I am ready for a little more life. My love to all of you. The liveliness with which Sushmita has shared the news of her heart attack is commendable. After this post, many people are praying for him to get well soon.

Sushmita Sen is a former Miss Universe and is a single mother. He has adopted two daughters Renee in the year 2000 and Alishah in 2010. On the work front, the actress is currently busy shooting for Disney Hot Star Plus series ‘Arya 3’.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : March 02, 2023, 16:38 IST

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