Taliban appoints finance minister and acting home minister


The Taliban has appointed a finance minister and an acting home minister as it moves to form a government after returning to power in Afghanistan 20 years later.

The Taliban has also appointed an intelligence chief, the governor of Kabul, and the head of the education department.

The Taliban on Tuesday appointed Gul Agha as finance minister and Sadar Ibrahim as acting interior minister, according to international media reports, citing Afghanistan’s Pajhwok news agency. 

Similarly, Sakhuullah has been made acting head of education and Abdul Baki has been made acting head of higher education.

Taliban appoints finance minister and acting home minister

Mullah Shirin has been appointed governor of Kabul, Hamdullah Nomani has been appointed mayor of Kabul and Najibullah has been appointed head of intelligence. 

The Taliban had earlier appointed its spokesman, Jabihullah Mujahid, as culture and information minister.

Earlier on Monday, the Taliban said it would not form a government until all US troops had withdrawn from Afghanistan. 

The Taliban has said it will not allow US troops to remain in Afghanistan after August 31. 

However, media reports suggest that US President Joe Biden may extend the stay of US troops in Afghanistan.

The United States and Britain have deployed troops in Afghanistan to repatriate their citizens. More than 5,000 US troops are stationed at Kabul airport. 

They have taken control of the airport. 

The U.S. military has been rescuing U.S. citizens as well as citizens of friendly countries and Afghanistan.