Terhathum Power Company IPO issues from Today

Terhathum Power Company ipo

Terhathum Power Company Limited is offering 8,00,000 units worth Rs 8 crore as an Initial Public Offering to the general public starting today,

Terhathum Power Company IPO

On Bhadra 13, 2078, the matter will come to an end.

The deadline can be extended till Bhadra 23, 2078 if the issue is not completely subscribed by Bhadra 13.

2 percent of the total offered shares to the general public, i.e. 16,000 units, have been set aside for company personnel and 5% for mutual funds, out of the total offered 8,00,000 units.

The remaining 7,44,000 units will be distributed to the general population.

Interested investors can apply for a minimum of 10 units and up to 60,000 units.

The issue manager for the IPO issuance has been named NIBL Ace Capital Limited.

Out of the total 1,200,000 units, 4 lakh have already been distributed to residents of the project-affected area, with the remaining 20%, or 8 lakh units, being distributed to the general public.

Terhathum Power Company IPO
Terhathum Power Company IPO

Tehrathum Power Company Overview/ Terhathum Power Company IPO

Tehrathum Power Company Limited began operations on July 13, 2008, when it registered as a private limited company with the Registrar of Companies under the Companies Act, 2063 BS.

It was changed from a private corporation to a public firm on July 22, 2075, and has been in operation since July 12, 2075.

The company’s Registrar’s Office is in Kathmandu Metropolitan City Ward No. 25. The company’s project sites are in Tehrathum district’s Menchyayem village municipality’s Khorunga and Ivakhola.

On August 8, 2073, the Ministry of Energy, Government of Nepal, granted permission to the Ministry of Energy to construct, generate, and operate the Upper Khorunga Khola Small Hydropower Project (7.5 MW) in Khorunga and Iwakhola, with the goal of generating hydropower from the Upper Khorunga Khola Small Hydropower Project (7.5 MW).

Since March 3, 2010, the company has been commercially generating electricity from the project. In three years, boost the total profit to around 4 million 62 thousand dollars.

Similarly, terhathum power hydropower forecasted a loss of Rs 7 million 24 thousand in the fiscal year 2077/78 and Rs 36 lakh 24 thousand in the fiscal year 2078/79.